Why does baby need a cuddle toy?

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Lovey is a cuddle toy or a cuddle cloth that is a special security object that simply means “comfort” to your child. This is what your baby turns to in the middle of the night when he or she wakes up, as they often do, even for just brief moments in between sleep cycles.

Here’s why a security blanket is your secret weapon to sleep success: if a baby is securely attached to their blankie or lovey, instead of crying out and needing mom or dad to comfort him back to sleep, he will find his beloved blankie, snuggle with it, sniff it, rub it on his face, and go back to sleep. This is your baby using his blankie to self soothe.

“A cuddle toy helps young children feel safe and secure
and can help with the transition from total dependence on a human to independence”

Blog - cuddle toy
Blog - cuddle toy
Blog - cuddle toy

Ideal lovey

Ideal lovey is the one which:

  • Has no small objects that could become unattached and create a choking hazard
  • Small enough NOT to wrap around a child’s neck
  • Is made out of breathable material
  • Is washable

Before giving a lovey to your baby, sleep with it for a few nights yourself. This will make it smell like you. Babies are very sensitive to the smell of things, particularly things that smell like their mommy. Once you have done this, you can start to give it to your child at designated sleep times. Your child will begin to associate the blankie with sleeping.

Be sure to give it to your baby to hold as part of their bedtime routine, even while nursing or taking a bottle before bedtime and naps.

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