Baby book blog

Baby books ABC

Introducing your little one to the wonderful world of reading can start as early as in baby age. Babies love to observe. Every time ...

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Blog - cuddle toy

Why does baby need a cuddle toy?

Lovey is a cuddle toy or a cuddle cloth that is a special security object that simply means โ€œcomfortโ€ to your child. This is what your baby turns to in the middle of the night when he or she wakes up even for just brief moments in between sleep cycles.

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Waytoplay underwater

Waytoplay roads

If you would ask anybody, what is a traditional toy for a boy of age 0 to 99, they would say that's a car. No argues about that. Blu...

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Blog Fabelab Dolls

Doll universe

Welcome to the playful universe of Fabelab dolls! A universe of highest quality cotton dolls that inspire children and their parents to be creative and playful.

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Fabelab Lets get Crafty

Let’s get crafty!

Children love creating things โ€“ even if the only thing they seem to be expert in is the art of making a mess!

However, craft isnโ€™t just about entertainment. Itโ€™s also a first-hand learning experience โ€“ something that plays a part in early education and development.
This is why it is such a great idea to encourage children to be creative and to strengthen their DIY skills.

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