Muslin fabric explained

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Muslin is a delicate cotton fabric, which is nowadays preferred by many mothers and babies over other fabrics. And there are many reasons for that.

Why is muslin fabric such a good choice for babies?

  • Muslin is very light & breathable. It helps keep your baby snug & warm, but at the same time allows air to flow freely, preventing any chance of overheating
  • Muslin fabrics are oh-so-soft on your babyโ€™s delicate skin, leaving your little one feeling cozy
  • Muslin is also a flexible fabric and gently stretches to take the shape of your baby for maximum comfort. Your baby will sleep longer & better when wrapped cozily in a muslin swaddle blanket
  • It is an extremely durable fabric and gets softer each time you wash it
  • Organic muslin fabrics are free from chemicals and harmful substances , making them 100% safe for your babyโ€™s skin, sustainable and kind on our environment as well
  • Muslin cloths can be used and repurposed in a variety of different ways. Once you are done using it as a baby swaddle, you can even use it as a cleaning cloth, nursing cover, changing mat or crib sheet

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